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Tree Surgery

Crown Thinning

This operation is designed to improve or preserve the crown of a tree, to allow more light through, to lower wind resistance, lessen weight within the crown, help the production of flowers and fruits and to encourage good branch development in young trees

Crown Lifting

This operation is to remove the lower branches from a trees crown. This is generally done to improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians or prevent low hanging branches from hitting pedestrians or vehicles.

Crown Reduction

This operation is to reduce the height and/ or spread of the crown of a tree. This is done by shortening branches to suitable points. Every effort is made to keep a natural shape to the tree after reduction operations.

Specific Branch Removal

This operation is carried out if there are only one or a few limbs that require removing, regardless of age or species. This is generally in the case of a rogue leader or a dead, dying, damaged diseased, dangerous or unwanted branch in the crown.

Epicormic Growth Removal

This involves the removal of young shoots from around the base of the trunk (suckering) and from the main trunk (feathering). The shoots are cut away as close as possible without causing damage to the bark of the trunk or the roots.

Tree Felling

This operation involves tree removal leaving a stump at a pre agreed height. The tree will either be straight felled (on an open site) or dismantled (on a restricted site).

Tree Stump Removal

This operation involves grinding out a tree stump using a stump grinding machine. Operators are responsible for C.A.T scanning each site to ensure utilities cables and pipe work are not damaged during any grinding operation.


This operation involves the use of a wood chipper to shred up branches and cord wood to be removed from site.

Trees Planting

Planting activities are to be carried out only during appropriate weather conditions and not during periods of ground frost or when the ground is saturated.
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